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2002-06-06 2:46 p.m.

Thanks for all the comments in my guestbook. I am still aggravated (a personal situation where the person in example one emailed me in tears) but I am over it.

BTW - I feel the same way about bfer's nursing in public or for extended nurse. To me if you don't nurse how can you have an opinion on this? Leave the women along and let them feed their kiddos. Let me nurse in public comfortably if need be and let me nurse til I see fit to stop or my child weans. Why must both side bicker and bicker?

I do have to admit that I see more militant BFer's do what I described yesterday though.

Enough of that subject.

One of my BELOVED cats must have gotten some food out of the trash (normally we are real good about taking it out every night). Well this morning Brian woke to find a maggott infested "something" in the kitchen under the island.

So out came the bleach and the hotwater and we cleaned for an hour. Every surface 3 or 4 times. GROSS GROSS GROSS. It's just really gross. I am sure I will clean it again tonight.

I have never seen a maggott before. It was so TOTALLY disgusting. I hope I NEVER see it again!

But at least I will remember to take out the trash next time. *~*SHUDDER~*~

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