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General Update 12/29/2003

2003-12-29 11:47 a.m.

OK this is a general update entry! I have several other entries today so check them out!

I have lost 10 pounds! Whoo Hoo! And that's with some cheating during the holidays. I didn't eat too many sweets but I had to have some sweet potatoes and some dressing!

I am a few steps closer to staying at home. We paid off our IVF loan which adds almost $160 a month back to our budget. Brian wants me to go ahead and give notice that February 27th (my birthday too how cool is that?) will be my last day! :) Whoo Hoo!

Salem is walking everywhere. Sometimes she literally walks around ALL day. Our house is setup where she can literally walk in a circle from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen to the playroom back to the living room. Along the way she will pick up a ton of tons and throw them down or play a few minutes with whatever distracts her! She is too cute.

She is still in 12 month clothes even though the pants tend to be too big for her. She is still cosleeping and sleeps almost all night every night. YEAH! :) We love sleeping with our baby! Thanks for the positive notes in my guestbook about that.

She is eating well and we plan to try to wean the bottle when we come back from our cruise at the end of January. She is drinking from her sippy cup pretty well.

She loves her books and enjoys her leap frog drum a lot. She also loves to carry pacifiers around even though she never sucks on them! Too cute.

She babbles a lot and squeals and still chases the kitties but they never let her catch them!

Brian is real busy at work with tree trimming jobs and in the month of December he stayed busy at the church helping distribute christmas presents to needy families in the area.

His daughter Korie is here for a visit. She loves playing with her sister. They've really adjusted well to each otehr.

And we got to go see Lord of the Rings yesterday! OMG Was it fantastic or what? ACK!

Well I may not post again til the New Year but I will! One of goals next year is to put in entries more often! I also need to find a way to back them all up! I would hate to lose them all!

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