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General Update 5/12/04

2004-05-12 10:54 p.m.

Wow - I swear - I never understand how quick time goes and then I look up and I've not posted an update in ages.

We're doing well. My diabetes is getting better. My blood sugar was 134 this morning. I just have no clue what has it up. It was 113 the day before. I've analyzed my diet and nothing abberant appears. So hopefully it will be back down tomorrow. As of today (wed) I have lost 37 1/2 pounds. I weigh in tomorrow so hopefully that will have changed. I am now 25 pounds away from my first goal! Whoo Hoo! So I am pretty psyched about that.

Korie (my stepdaughter) made cheerleader. We're REALLY happy for her but it's a drain financially and it screws up summer. But hey kids grow up and things change. So we are adapting.

Nothing else major is going on. We've been doing a lot of landscaping in the backyard and fixing our fence. I will update about Salem in a separate entry.

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