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Good & Bad News

2002-06-18 4:01 p.m.

I have good and bad news. This is going to be real blunt because I am trying my hardest to keep it together and I just don't know how else to say it. I am just at a loss right now. Brian and my sister were there (mom didn't get to go).

Baby B is perfect. She (Yes it's a girl) was moving constantly and had a heartrate of 132. Her name is Salem.

Baby A is dead. I just don't know what else to say. The baby is 15w4d gestation (I start my 23rd week tomorrow) and is laying near my cervix.

So of course there are now issues. #1 when they died, if they will trick my body into preterm labor, etc. being so close to my cervix, etc. He sent me for bloodwork to see if I had the Lupus anticoagulant and the anti cariolipin antibodies. These can cause miscarriages in second trimester and still birth. But for now my goal right now is NOT to go into labor.

So Dr. T is starting to see me every week and I am being referred to a specialist in Ft. Worth (2 1/2 hours from home) - I think she's called a maternal fetal specialist. She comes to Abilene several times a month but I have them worried enough that I have to go see her in Ft. Worth tomorrow and then I am on bedrest at least a week just for emotional reasons if not other reasons after I see her.

The good news is baby B is WONDERFUL. And I am trying so hard to concentrate on that. And my cervix is long and closed.

I am sorry this is so blunt. I just don't know how else to tell ya'll. I am going to be out of pocket at least a couple of days. I will have my mom (Marmoy) post the U/S of baby B and the update as soon as we know something.

Ya'll please pray. I am devastated but am trying to stay as hopeful as I can for Salem and my sake. I've already lost two. I can't lose another. I don't think I can handle it.

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