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I LOVE Freebies

2002-04-05 9:19 a.m.

My FIL is WONDERFUL!!! I can't remember if I wrote about this last fall when my lower back and hips hurt so bad we got rid of our waterbed? Well we borrowed a full size bed for a while and then had to give it back and then pushed two twins together. It was miserable!

Well my FIL has a big house and 4 guestbeds and he gave us a King to use indefinitely! It's WONDERFUL and a serta perfect sleeper. He even brought us an egg crate to put on top of it. I LOVE it. And it will help my hips and back wonderfully.

But I am still waiting for word on when I can go back to the chiro. I have a 12 mm displacement in my hips (it was at 19 in October) and they are starting to ache again. I can imagine they will with twins. I've been putting off getting a lift in my shoe cause I like to wear sandals but I may have no choice.

Talking about freebies my BIL (whom I normally complain about) gave us a camcorder! He is getting a new one I assume and it's nice! I am so excited. We were going to use some financial aid money to buy one but now we can buy a digital camera and have a few hundred left over for bills!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

And a sweet lady at church made me a gorgeous quilt for the baby! (She didn't know there was two). My DH jokingly said can you make a matching one? Now she is trying to find more material that matches. I will have to take a pic and post it. It's REALLY gorgeous.

I guess I should start on my thank you notes now and keep ahead! Also I think instead of expensive announcements I am going to do a newsletter called Laboring Times when the babies are born. I love doing graphical stuff and have publisher and a color laser printer at work so I think I can make it nice with pics and stuff. Does that idea seem corny?

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