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A New Flag & More

2002-01-31 9:15 p.m.

I tried to get Brian to slow down and sit on the couch with me tonight before his couch. He was WAY too tired. So he did dishes and bathed the cats and hollered for me to help (I was tired). So I did and I was GLAD he went to class. I needed a break!

I watched Friends. OK I really like how cute Joey is over Rachel but it just seems SO weird!!! :) Do massages really feel that good? I need to find out! LOL.

I bought this flag!!! Isn't it cute? I collect flags and it will look GREAT in front of my house. :)

And by the way I LOVE (that's where I got it) but their website is SLOW beyond slow. I must have really wanted this flag.

Also, a key to flags is scotchgarding them so the sun doesn't wear them down to quick and then I try to change out every month.

I think I want to share my pics in my online photo album with some of my readers and friends. If you would like to see them post in the guestbook and I will email you the link and password. I refuse to post them publically. I had a REALLY bad experience last summer with someone stealing my pics and creating nasty websites. Also - if I don't know you say hi and I will check you out and maybe share them with you too! :)

What else? We need a bed. In December we got rid of our waterbed cause of my back. A friend lent us their fullsize bed and we just gave it back (her mom is coming tomorrow). So we are sleeping on two twins pushed together. Since we can't have sex anyway (IVF restriction) it's not caused a problem yet. :)

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