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Now I feel bad

2002-01-22 12:35 p.m.

OK now I feel bad! :( Brian came to the office before class and shut my door and cried. :( Our car has broken down again. Twice last year we had transmission problems. Then we replaced the alternator and the A/C. The car is paid off in 2 weeks. We have been trying to make it cause we want to get rid of a car payment.

Hopefully it won't be too much. But it broke my heart to see him cry. He didn't turn into a bawl bag like me but the tears broke my heart when they slid down his cheeks. I know the poor guy is as stressed as I am. And even though I know it was okay for me to be mad this morning, now I feel bad! :(

I will be SO glad to get on with my life with my husband. I want us to laugh and play again and enjoy life. It shouldn't be this hard. It just doesn't make sense sometimes.

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