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Retrieval Tomorrow - 1/28

2002-01-27 11:15 p.m.

Well I am almost all ready!!! I have bathed and done my enema (yuck!). I have cleaned my face and lotioned and feel relaxed. I spoiled myself with a hot bath with lavender in it. Ahhh so relaxing.

I can't have anything to eat after midnight. We will leave here in the morning at 9:00. We have to be at the Dr.'s office at 12:30 pm and retrieval is at 1:30. I will be in a twilight sleep and hopefully they will get all the eggs and we will have at least 5-7 that are mature. I am not really nervous at all. I am excited. :) REALLY excited. I made it this far. :) I really think it will work! :) I just believe in my heart.

Of course a few naysayers say what if it doesn't work? Well you know I can only do this One Day at a Time as the old song says. So I believe today. I know in my heart today. And I believe it will happen. My faith and hope are a major part of how I am making it through this in the firstplace.

So AMEN! :) It's really happening. :) Thank Jesus for getting me this far.

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