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An Email I Received Today

2001-12-09 5:16 p.m.

I received this email today from someone I do not know.

"No need to pray to god he will not answer any prayers and the scriptures are a waste of time. You should be fine though. "

I am assuming this person contacted me through my diary or through a prayer request I left at regarding my upcoming IVF.

While I respect that different people have different viewpoints regarding spiritually, God, etc., let me just say one thing. If you don't pray or believe in prayer but read my diary, then please simply skip the part where I ask for other's prayers and move on to the next entry.

I do not need negative feedback during this time in my life. My faith is strong and God is INCREDIBLY real to me. So whether you want to say a novena for me, light a candle, think good thoughts, send positive energy or pray that's wonderful. I believe all positive thoughts and prayers will help. But please do not send me negative comments that attack my faith.

The past three years have been one of the most trying and heartwrenching events in my life - and I've been through hell already before infertility touched me.

And yes my faith has been tested and it's even waivered at times. But as it's been tested it's also grown stronger. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has a plan for me and that he hears my prayers. I've seen his miracles and felt his spirit talk to me. He is real to me whether he is or isn't to someone else.

So again, while I respect someone's differing beliefs, don't bother sending me such emails. They are a waste of your time and mine. I will simply read it, respond to it as I did to the one above, block the email address and then do what I do best - rather than get angry and upset I will pray. For me and for you. For whether you believe in prayer or not is unimportant to my faith.

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