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My Diet Plan - 1st Weightloss Pics

2004-05-13 9:49 a.m.

I thought I should have a pictorial journal of my weightloss.

This left side of the pic was in December. I remember looking at this pic and thinking OMG I didn't realize I was that big. I am guessing I was 250ish. As this was a good month and a half before my start date of when I got serious about controlling my weight and diabetes.

The right side was taken this past Sat. I am 210 today so that's what I put on the pic. It's hard to tell in the pic but I've lost a lot of my tummy. In the pic the main thing that looks different is my face. Especially that double chin I was growing is gone! ;) I've lost 37 1/2 pounds since 2-2-4. I am 25 pounds away from my first goal.

I am pretty proud of myself. I can't believe I'm not that tired slug anymore. As cliche as it sounds I have a ton more energy and feel SO much better. I can't imagine how I will feel when I hit my goal weight.

I am doing Sugar Busters. Now this is a life change for me. Even after I lose all my weight and go off the glucophage I will eat this way cause I don't want to get myself in a bad spot like this again. I don't eat a lot of special low carb prepackaged stuff (a few like Peanut Butter and candy bars for a chocolate fix). Mainly I eat healthy.

In a nutshell because of the diabetes I do not have any sugar at all, no white flour products and very little processed products. I eat low fat/fat free cheeses and dairy products, healthy whole grains, healthy low glycemic carbs and fish and chicken mainly (I eat beef maybe once a week if that - trying to cut cholestrol). The biggest change in the beginning was I cut soda cold turkey. I was drinking upwards of 60+ ounces of coke a day. Now I drink my water and Diet Big Red (has splenda in it) and Diet Caffeine Free Coke. That was my biggest obstacle. For 2 weeks the major sugar withdrawal altogether just about did me in. Poor Brian! LOL.

Like today for lunch I will throw a skinned chicken breast on the george foreman grill and season with lemon pepper and a tad but of kosher salt. Then slice it up and throw it in with romaine letter, low fat parmesan cheese and a sliced tomato and low carb dressing. It's yummy. For dinner we're having fajitas (beef for DH and chicken for me) and I'll just eat them without the tortilla.

I also ride my recumbent exercise bike and do 100 crunches a day.

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