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I don't think I have much different to say

2002-03-28 2:15 p.m.

Ugh. Have you ever felt like just not updating? All my life is right now is throwing up, sleeping, worrying about my pregnancy and getting excited about the possibilities. And I think I have that all pretty well documented! LOL.

I've been hanging out at Triplet Connection and I have learned that there is actually a mom of twins group in my town. It's just not associated directly with the National Mother's of Twins Club. I was SO excited. They have 25 members and 2 have triplets. So I am going to go to my first meeting on next Monday! The evening after my U/S to see how Baby C is.

Brian is arguing with me on a second boy name. I REALLY want to use Wyatt as a first name. I like it cause it's my maiden name and my family line dies with me and my brother. My brother doesn't have kids and his wife can't have more kids. So basically our name dies with us. I think it would be a nice memorial. It's one of the few exceptions I would make to a name that is super trendy but I have never known in person or online a baby named Wyatt so I don't think it's as trendy as Ryan or Michael or the like (no offense to anyone with a son named Ryan or Michael. I just like non trendy names).

So he doesn't like it. Grrrrr. I won't give up! I figure if we have two boys (especially if all are boys) that I should get it!

He has been SO stressed this week. He handled the news last week a lot better than me while I fell apart. Now he is stressed. Poor guy.

Anyway that's it for me now. More later.

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