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About Me - Details

2001-11-27 3:28 p.m.

I read a lot diarys today and decided to be a copy cat and write an about me page to add to my diary.

Name: Leah

Age: 33

Location: Texas

Job: Network & PC Support Manager and my husband is a youth pastor and fulltime student.

Married: Brian - the love of my life.

Furbabies: Zoe Michael, Luci Leianne and Cali Sue! My luvs.

Children: 1 11-year old daughter named Korie from Brian's first marriage. We have been trying to conceive our first child for over 3 years and will try IVF in January.

Collect: I started collecting snowmen WAY before it was trendy! And lambs.

Fave Movie: Star Wars

My Fave Star Wars Episode: The Empire Strikes Back

Fave TV Show: The Pretender (can't wait for the new movie coming out) and ER.

Future Children's Names: We've picked 2 names for a boy and a girl and plan to have 2 middle names. 1 middle name will be family oriented and the other will be bibilical.

Caden Samuel Lee and Seth Daniel Wyatt

Salem Ruth Rhena and Brynna Maye Michelle

Fave Food: Mexican - The spicier the better

Hobbies: Tulip's World, reading (when I am not on the net), bulletin boards and now my diary! I am hooked. I also scrapbook.

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