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Sunday - December 8th

2002-12-08 2:50 a.m.

Just when I think I am getting ahead I fall behind. I love being a mommy but things are so hectic. I am barely able to keep up and I really need to get her site up to date before I fall hopelessly behind like I have with scrapbooking.

I need to really talk about the details but for my own record I am just going to jot some things down.

Salem weighed 8'6' at 8 weeks. She goes back for a weight check on Tuesday when she's 10 weeks.

She was sick all of the Thanksgiving holiday. Which leads me to a vent. She's coughing and congested and whiny and wants her mommy. Why in the heck do relatives want to hold a sick baby? It just makes them more clingy. Yes it's the first time some of them saw her but heck they could still see her. UGH. I went and took a nap with her and hid out in the bedroom for 4 hours. LOL.

And YES she sleeps with me and NO I won't smother her and NO NO NO chances for SIDS is NOT increased by her sleeping with us. SIGH!

Well like I said she was sick. She was congested and coughing and acutally throwing up over the weekend. I called the Dr. and they fit us in on Monday afternoon. She lost 2 ounces but he told me not to panic since she has been vomiting. He tested her for RSV and it came back negative at 9 pm on Monday night. Thank God.

So basically it's a bad cold. He called in an antibiotic and he suggested the vicks vapor rub on her chest too. She's been doing a lot better.

Still eating poorly though. We are still on the preemie formula and zantac for reflux. And she stil gets some BM a day. When I can get it down her.

Weird news: He heard a heart murmur. He said 9 times out of 10 a heart murmur corrects itself but we have to have a sonogram on the 17th of Dec. Of course that did freak me out.

And here are some pics of my angel! :) Enjoy!

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