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The day after WTC

2001-09-13 1:18 a.m.

The day after. I still can't believe what happened yesterday in NYC and WDC. Am I the only one who wanted to wake up and this all have been a bad dream? I often want to escape and not truly know what's up and why but sometimes you can't really run from life.

I sit here and think of my dreams and my longings and my troubles and day to day life and it all seems so trivial at this moment.

I find myself even tonight going to look at my sweet DH as he soundly sleeps and am SO thankful I still have him here with me.

Lord - please help me find peace in this situation. Please let AMERICA find peace. Please protect us even as we have to more forward in finding out the perpetrator of the killer of so many innocent people. Please help us Lord. Help us use our anger constructively and help us ignore the anger that could cause our own destruction.

God help us all.

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