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Cruise - 2004

2004-02-11 11:02 p.m.

I'm not sure if we ever talked about it here but we went on a cruise in late January. We left on the 25th and returned on the 1st. It was a blast.

We left from Galveston and sailed to Key West. I was surprised at how beautiful Key West was. I guess I had it associated mentally with Miami which I HATE! Nasty city! We were on the Island about 45 minutes when it started raining. But it was still quite nice. Brian and I found a place called the Grand Cafe that was in an old house with a wrap around covered porch. So we sat on the porch, out of the rain, drinking the best Margarita I have EVER had and eating conch fritters and tomato and shrimp pizza. Yummy!

When it stopped raining we went walking and shopping. It's quite a "open" society so it's really not a place for kids. Right on Duvall street next to a tshirt store is a bondage shop with a window display!

We didn't get there in time to go to the butterfly conservatory or the Hemingway house. I was disappointed.

We missed Cayman completely because it's a tender port and the Harbor Master didn't allow ANY cruise ship to tender in due to rough waters. But it was warm and sunny so we were VERY disappointed!

But we got to Cozumel and had a lot of extra time in that board. We got to a beach about 9:30 am. It was INCREDIBLY beautiful. The only pics I took here were with a waterproof camera so I have to get them developed. Hopefully this weekend. Salem loved the water. Brian and my BiL rented 2 jet skis and took my nieces for rides out on the ocean. They loved it. My nephew wouldn't go. Mom and my sister and her family left around 11:30. We stayed til 1 and then took a cab back into town and went to Senor Frogs.

And boy was that a wild place. Salem was rocking and clapping to the live music (this was the middle of the afternoon). I wish I could show you the video. We ordered a Sex on the Beach and 2 margaritas and then they did congo lines and all kinds of wild fun and gave away free Sex on the Beach shots and flavored tequila. Poor Brian was a tad drunk when we left! He hadn't drunk that much in about 10 years. But the free shots were hard to turn down!

Then we went shopping and were back on the ship by five.

The ship itself was Royal Carribean. It was very nice but I do have to say I prefer the Carnival Cruise I was on before this. If we do another cruise it will be a CArnival or we will try Princess or something. They do spoil you like crazy at the dining room or in your stateroom but you do pay for it with gratuities. The food was yummy. You had a choice of appetizers, bread, salad, a choice of 5 entrees every night and dessert. It was all themed. One night was surf and turf - lobster tail and steak, one night was Italian and so forth. They also had steak and salmon everynight just in case.

The desserts were yummy! Tirimisu to die for! We had some lovely wines with dinner and Brian mom and Kevin had a variety of after dinner liqueours with most of their meals.

The other meals we didn't go to the dining room but ate the buffet for breakfast especially. They were the best omelettes I have ever had.

Brian and I had a couple of nights out. The last night we went dancing in the disco. The shows were fun and we saw a great Magic Show.

The casino - I only gambled one night and lost $25 and gave up. Brian actually managed to win about $230 (was over $400 but we lost some later) so we shopped A LOT!

We did a couples massage class and they gave us free essential oil to take home and we went to Karioke, shopping seminars, trivia, bingo, etc. There was ALWAYS something going on.

It's a great value for the money! I hopefully will get pics scanned and up this weekened. And Salem did really well. We just watched her cues and when she got tired Brian and I took turns with her during naps. During those naps we got to see Charlies Angels Full Throttle, Matchstick Men, Incredible Hulk, XMen, and a variety of other movies!

I really missed her cloth diapers. I checked beforehand and there was no self service laundry. Sigh! So she was in disposables but I don't think she was home more than 5 minutes before her proud CDing daddy had her in a Little Lamb AIO! :)

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