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Christmas Traditions

2003-12-03 11:12 a.m.

Our Christmas Traditions

We spend Christmas Eve with my mom and family and open gifts. We usually draw names for the adults and then buy for all the kids. We are not buying adult gifts this year as we are all going on a cruise at the end of January.

Korie has always gotten to open 1 present 2 days before Christmas (I'm a sucker) but I got to choose and then Christmas morning we open presents at home.

We bought small christmas trees and even though my stepdaughter isn't here every Christmas we put them in the girls room, complete with lights and memorialize the year with special ornaments. Like last year Salem got a babies first ornament and a triplet ornament with her's, Angel's and Brynna's name on it. One day these trees and ornaments will be their's. We started this last year with Salem and decided since Korie was only 12 it wasn't too late to start on for her.

Every Christmas Eve we bake a Happy Birthday Jesus cake complete with candles and decorations and have a small birthday party and sing Happy Birthday Jesus.

We also help the church feed and give Christmas to a needy family and take part in taking the items to the family. My husband is a youth/evangelism minister at a church that mainly ministers to the homeless, poor etc. So this is quite a blessing for them. We want the girls to have a lot but to ALWAYS be thankful for what they have and never take it for granted.

I am going to get an Advent calendar with pockets next year and put different things in the pockets for Salem. Like put one of her ornaments in one day, candy in another, a note that says bake cookies with mom, go see Christmas lights, etc in all the pockets so each day she can get to do something fun.

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