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Christmas 2004

2005-01-03 11:26 p.m.

1st of all the pregnancy diary has been updated. Go check it out! :)

We had a great Christmas. We went to Brian's moms the day before Christmas Eve and came home early on Christmas Eve. We had my family over on Christmas Eve, got up Christmas morning and had presents and then breakfast and went to Brian's dads.

From Brian I got:
A Mall Gift Certificate
Scrapbook Store Gift Certicate
True Star Perfume (From Korie and Salem)
Devotional Book
In my stocking I got lipstick, chapstick, sugar free candy and 3 snowmen ornaments
And we both got a surround system that we found on sale at Walmart

I was excited Brian actually got me gift certificates. I wanted maternity clothes and scrapbooking stuff and he would be terrible at picking out either.

Hobby Lobby Gift Certificate - From Sister
Xyron Machine/Cartridges - From Mom and grandmother

$ - From my MIL
$40 From Inlaws - We put it together with what we had saved and spent it on a camera

A couple of gifts coming from my SIL in town and my BIL in Colorado.

I've already spent my mall money and cash on maternity clothes and most of my scrapbook money! It's ok! I wanted to spend it! LOL.

I will post about Salem's Christmas in another entry.

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