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Christmas 2002

2003-01-04 9:59 p.m.

Christmas Eve we spent the evening at my mom's unwrapping gifts and eating TONS of food of course. Salem slept through it all. From my mom Salem got a discovery catepillar toy (really cute) and from my sister an outfit she bought in Cozumel. My nieces got her some bath toys and we got her a lamaze toy.

From Brian's side of the family she got money from everyone so we put it in her savings account. We were thankful for the stuff she got but were glad they didn't go overboard. We had asked that everyone wait to go all out for her bday and next Christmas. Especially with clothes. She is just now starting to wear her NB clothes. You should see her closet. It's crazy the amount of clothes she has.

For Christmas morning I was exhausted. Salem slept so well Christmas Eve that she was up and down ALL night almost. I had just been asleep an hour or so when Korie, Brian's 12 year old, woke us up at 8ish to open presents! That's one lovely videotaping of me I am sure!

Then I had to run to a convenience store and pay $3 for a gallon of milk since we ran out!

We had Christmas dinner at our house with my mom, grandmother, my sister and her family. Salem did well but got really hyperstimulated from the kids being totally in her face the whole time. Sigh!

We watched Star Wars Attack of the Clones on DVD (one of my Christmas presents) and I unwound from the day with a glass of wine from a bottle my mom bought us. It was yummy. It was a nice holiday. We took TONS of pics (got a really great one of Salem smiling finally) and videotaped a lot.

We got a DVD player from Brian's dad. From Brian I got a set of hot rollers, a white lightweight sweater, a gorgeous scrapbook for Salem, a beautiful set of wind chimes, a snowman candle and money. My sister got me Star Wars Attack of the clones on DVD and my mom got me a beautiful pair of amethyst silver earrings. And she got us both a bottle of nice wine to share with 2 pretty wine glasses. And Korie gave Brian and I matching watches. They are really nice.

Brian got a dremel, landscaping/gardening software, flannel pajama bottoms, socks, and a couple of shirts. I have a pair of new dockers somewhere for him but I can't find them! I thought pregnancy brain was supposed to go away?

Korie got the Doc Martens , (I got them new on ebay for $15), tombraider (playstation game), 5 or 6 shirts from Old Navy (they were having a 6.99 sale), jeans, a jewelry box, a sweater and lots of little stuff like barettes and earrings and bath stuff. Her paternal grandfather bought her an outrageously expensive leather coat from Wilson's!

Oh I almost forgot. Brian built Miss a bookshelf built that looks like a house like this one from Pottery Barn. In fact PB is where we got the idea from. But in PB it's $349 and we bought all the wood necessary for less than $60. It's almost done. It just needs some touchups and the back put on.

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