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Cleaning, Ebaying, Braces & $$$

2002-05-27 12:56 p.m.

What an eventful weekend. Friday I was off and worked on organizing stuff. Sat I kept working and then we took the youth to an arcade them we went to my sister's to watch The Others.

Sunday was just as uneventful except I managed to eat a couple of quesadillas at TaMolly's. Mom took me. Then I went to Target to change my registry. They don't let you do it online.

Then to my mom's to help Brian plant some flowers for her.

Then back home to work on finalizing a fundraiser for the youth. It's so frustrating. 3 people who signed up for camp didn't sell one shirt. It's such a joke. I told them if we didn't raise enough then their part would be more. That simple.

You should see my HUGE ebay pile. I am SO hoping to make some decent money to finish getting my cloth diapers and to pay up Korie's braces. I messed it up. I thought our half of the monthly payment was $59 (half of $118). But $118 is our monthly payment. So needless to say I am now $236 behind as we have made 4 payments. I think the ex is pretty hot but it was an honest mistake. I figured it out at least before she called to complain and sent a check for half. I was filing the dental bills and started looking at them. I told Brian in case she says something before she gets the check.

Well we are about $400 short for Brian's mission trip. We are stepping out in faith that it will come in and paid the $600 for the plane ticket. The church will take up an offering the beginning of July but that's a week before he goes. So talk about waiting til the last minute. LOL.

Well gotta get back to cleaning. We're going to my sister's later for grilled burgers (if it doesn't rain us off the grill). Then back to ebaying!!!

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