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Salem's Cardiology Appointment

2003-01-04 9:52 p.m.

OK a new year - a new goal to update more often right? And since I doubt I can update the pregnancy site and my diary I am going to combine them into both for now.

It's been a long hard month. Salem was referred to a cardiologist to check out a heart murmur. Now most heart murmurs aren't dangerous they just need to be watched.

So we went to the cardiologist on December 17th. Basically Salem has three issues. Salem's murmur is called a Atrial Septal Defect. He said it should close itself but we will watch it. Between age 2-4 if it's still the same we may have to make a decision at that point to do something but right now he agrees with Salem's ped that it should resolve itself.

Then she has stenosis which means narrowing. A pulmonary valve - valvar pulmonic stenosis and something else called peripheral pulmonic stenosis. I can't remember if it's a valve or artery. For now it is fine to except that it is makes her heart work a little harder which can be ok but that leads us to the 3rd issue.

Her heart muscle is thickening. He said sometimes this is quite normal because her heart is working a little bit harder due to the stenosis but can clear itself up basically or continue as is. But if the heart muscle continues to thicken it can cause other issues. Her poor weight gain may be attributed to that. That is the main area he is concerned about right now. So we go back next week and will keep a close eye on it. If it's still thickening we may have to look at some options. For now we are just status quo. Basically it's a wait and see. The good news is it's all being watched so if problems do arise we will know about it. The bad news is it's a wait and see type situation. So we just have to be patient and learn not to worry! I have to admit that's the hard part.

Hmmm what else? I think I will just post several updates and title them all differently so they will make sense. Hope this isn't too confusing for anyone reading.

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