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Salem's Cardiology Appt 1-28

2003-01-28 9:57 p.m.

I am SO tired. We had Salem's cardiology appt today. Brian had to take her and leave it to him to leave her insurance cards at home. When I got there at 1:30 pm (he took her at 11:30 am) I had to promise to fax them to them when I got him. They were VERY quick today. Normally we are there for several hours. Today Salem had already had her echo and EKG when I got there. Her heart is still thick but not more so. And the leak in her mytral valve is better and he said things look more proportionent. He said she is to stay on the beta blocker. He increased her dosage to go with her weight and we don't have to go back til March! YEAH!

And Brian was exhausted. Salem was feisty during the echo. I just wanted to roll my eyes. I had done that twice by then. And after work he came home, ate and has been in bed since 8 pm.

Men really can be the weaker sex I swear.

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