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Brian's Home - For Now

2002-07-28 11:37 p.m.

Well it's been a great few days with Brian. I picked him up Wednesday afternoon. He was a sore sight for my eyes. I missed him so. We've pretty much been inseparable since.

Wed night we came home ordered a pizza and went to bed. Thurs we just spent the day together. Friday he did work, Sat morning he worked, but Saturday afternoon he and Korie and I ate at subway and went to see Stuart Little II. Boring to me but Korie is a kid.

We talked a lot about Salem. He says I've grown a lot since he came home.

We also grieved Luci together.Just cried and cried and looked at her baby pictures together. Korie is still pushing my buttons but thankfully she will be gone this week to camp. Sadly though Brian will be gone too. Sigh! But he's in Texas and will only be gone 5 days and can call me EVERY NIGHT.

My goals this week are to finish the curtains in Salem's room, work on baby announcements, and I don't know what all else.

Other than that I am ok. I've had a nice few days. I got a little weepy tonight when an online friend posted she is pregnant with twins. I can't help but be jealous. But I feel bad for the jealousy. But there is no way I should be planning both a memorial service and a baby dedication at the same time.

Salem moves A LOT! I go to the Dr. tomorrow and can't wait to hear her heartbeating and schedule an U/S. I can't believe it. According to one calendar I am in my 3rd trimester and according to another it starts Wednesday. Either way it's wonderful. Thank you God.

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