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The Blues & Positive Thinking

2001-11-25 8:37 p.m.

Well the blues continue albeit a tad less than yesterday. Brian let me sleep in and miss church today. Which I was excited about it. I really needed the sleep but I still feel worn out. I have been out of B Stress Complex and I think I need to go get some cause it does help.

I managed (despite the lack of Christmas spirit) to get the tree up and decorated. I have spent the rest of the day alone since Brian took Korie home. It's a 4 hour drive there and 5 back (due to time change). I have been slow about cleaning but I am trying to get the house all spic and span. I don't want to start a new week all behind yet again.

I am creating the youth schedule for December. I think we are going to have a lot lighter activities. Actually Brian's work hours will increase the 4 weeks he's out of school and I am toying with getting a Christmas job. I need to buy a bed, replace the IVF money I took to fix Brian's bank account (I am still hoping to get this back) and to pay my deductible for the chiro. Then I would like to save some. Just to have some. If, I mean WHEN (positive thinking) when I get pregnant through IVF we will need somethings.

I have always wanted a light wood colored sleigh bed style crib. Well my sister gave me her's. It's beautiful but dark brown and a Jenny Lin. Like I said it's beautiful but not always what I wanted. But free is free. Well I was in Wally World of all places and what did I see? The baby bed of my dreams! ***Sigh*** One of the low points to getting pregnant (again positive thinking here) after everyone else is I get A LOT of hand me downs that are fabulous. But I am not getting to pick out a lot myself. Oh well. Once that baby is here I won't care! :)

Positive thinking - I mentioned it about. Actually in the bible it says to call things forth that be not as though they were. I will come back and edit this entry with the scripture. It's in the NT. It's the same premise in pop psychology of positive reinforcement except with a biblical/spiritual principal. So I am calling forth my child. I am ready to be a mom! :)

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