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I'm gonna be a mom of twins - be happy for me

2002-03-08 11:08 a.m.

I am going to be a mom of twins! And people are so rude. Does no think before they speak these days?

I can't count the number of times I get comments like:

"Better you then me!"

"You poor soul!"

"Oh you won't have a life after the babies are born!"

"You can't nurse too!" (Wanna bet!)

"Uh - oh! Ya'll are in trouble!"

"Your pregnancy will be so hard! I bet they put you on bedrest!"

And more and more. They probably don't mean any harm but geez. I guess people don't realize it but we see the blessings. We have tried to have a baby for almost 4 years. My problems were defineable and at times seemed to be progressively worse. We are ecstatic. Will it be hard? Sure. But won't it be joyous?

And not every mom of twins is put on bedrest. I have a friend that did wonderful. Sure it's a possibility but I plan to stay healthy, and do my yoga and more importantly pray. And when you pray you can do anything.

Be happy for me! Share with me something positive!!! I'm gonna be a mom of twins!

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