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My Birthday

2002-02-27 1:14 p.m.

I am basically fine. Still REALLY tired and really sick of these progesterone shots. I LOVE what they are doing to keep the pregnancy safe but they hurt so BLASTED much. All the infertility meds combined didn't hurt this much! I called the RE yesterday about switching to crinone a cervical gel. They don't use crinone anymore though. She said after my U/S and Dr.'s appt we would talk about me switching to progesterone suppositories. I hope so.

Today is my 34th bday and Brian sent me flowers Monday. He's so sweet and they are SO beautiful. Today at work they took me out to eat! We had to go to my second fave since Mexican food makes me seriously ill. I sure hope that's a temporary affect! LOL. And of course being pregnant is the GREATEST gift of all!

Wow my ultrasound is in 2 days. When we know if we have one or two I will start my planning lists. Yes I am a list maker! LOL.

I haven't felt like posting. I am sick but not horrible and I have been reading my reads just not updating! It's weird when I get in moods like this.

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