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The Week Before Christmas

2001-12-22 10:41 a.m.

Wow it's been an eventful week. The Lonnie Tribute uplifted my mom! Then I got off work for 2 whole weeks. I LOVE the academic environment. :) Then Thursday we went to the Dr. for the mock transfer. They want to pretend to transfer embryos to see how things go cause they would rather run into problems now than then with th embies.

Well I was a little nervous cause I've always had such a hard time with the IUI's and my HSG. And they use similar catheters. My uterus is retroflexed and my cervix is narrow.

Well it went perfect which gave me a lot of peace and hope! :) Not one problem. We took a tour of the facility and it was wonderful.

Then we went shopping. We went to Ross and hit the clearance racks and then they have this HUGE salvation army in Dallas that we like to go to. We spent $30 and got Brian three shirts that look new and me two pair of pants that were new (this was all at the Salvation Army).

Then last night we had a Christmas party at the country club at Brian's work. It was very nice. The meal was incredible and they even paid for an open bar even though we don't drink much or often. It was nice to have a glass of a good wine for dinner.

Then today I have tons to do! LOL. Christmas eve is just a couple of days I better get my butt in gear! :) I need to make cookies and fudge and buy one more gift.

Well that's it. The entries are sporadic over the holidays but I will be updating as regularly as possible. :)

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