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You Are Always There

2001-12-11 4:19 p.m.


I know you are real. I feel you in my life. I feel your whisper when your spirit talks to me. I feel your love when I am alone. I feel your presence in every facet of my life.

I look at Brian and I know you were there when we met. I know it wasn't an accident. You were just there.

I look at my furbabies and I think you sent them to me. To give me that innocent love I need so much at times.

I look at my talents and then WOW God trusted me with this and I try not to question why.

I look at my bad habits and I think why God why...and then you remind me that I am evolving spiritually and eventually I will gain control over these habits.

I sit at home on my couch cuddled under a blanket and I am reminded how you blessed us with our house.

I am reminded of countless times you have opened the door to infertility treatments, financial blessings, etc.

Simply you are always there. It amazes me. It comforts me.

It brings me incredible peace and joy.

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