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After My Bday

2002-03-01 9:04 a.m.

My Bday turned out really nice. I expected the youth group to do something like a card or something but about 4 pm one of my kids emailed me and asked me what time my party was! LOL. I emailed him back and said what party and he emailed back and said NEVERMIND! LOL. I did enjoy teasing him!

I got home from work and slept almostt 2 hours and then had to rush to get there on time. We had cake and icecream and a few gifts. The kids are SO sweet!!!

Then I went to see my Nannie (grandmother) and she gave me some money to spend at a HUGE baby garage sale on Sat. So I will be up early tomorrow am to hopefully get some good things!!!

I felt so yucky yesterday. I didn't eat lunch and then had a meeting. It was SO hard to think of thin clients and server migrations when I was thinking of my ultrasound that's today and what I could buy Saturday at the sale!!! LOL. Then I got hungry.

Then I watched Friends. Joey told her. I am glad they aren't getting together. I LOVE them both but her and Ross have to get together. Nothing else makes sense. Poor Joey though.

And ER made me cry. It wasn't a sad episode but knowing that Mark is gone at the end of the season, well I may not keep watching it. He has to tell Lizzy though. I would be SO pissed at Brian if he didn't tell me that.

Well that's it for me. I took the day off today to get bills done and the house maintained (it looks like a hurricane hit it) and then my U/S is at 3.

So I we have one or two??? :)

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