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A Friend's Loss & The Rest Of My Day

2002-03-05 4:51 p.m.

Well it's been a busy day. I had a boring staff meeting this morning and then a board meeting during lunch. They kept trying to get me to volunteer for late summer/early fall projects and I kept saying no! But I didn't tell them why! :)

I am definitely feeling pregnant! My next U/S in 3-15 and my prenatal appt on 3-21. So it's an uneventful month. Today's MS has been better than yesterdays. I blech when I think about that.

Today has been sad for me. I have a friend who has been through the infertility process with me for almost 3 years. And we got pregnant together. Well today she found out that she is losing twins. They just found out she had twins the same time they found out one didn't have a heartbeat and the other is in her tube (an ectopic). Tomorrow she has a D&C and they are going to try to remove the second baby without her losing her tube.

So that has me really sad and I am trying not to worry. I keep remembering that God did NOT give me a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a SOUND mind! (1 Peter 5:7)

My good news is I found the bumper pad and the bedskirt to the set that a friend gave me. :) I am SO glad. Now my sets will match perfectly. The sheets will be made out of a western style classic pooh print and the comforters will be chambray on one side and the pooh print on the other and trimmed on each side in the opposite. Here's a couple of pics.

I am gonna try and remember to bring and scan my classic western pooh fabric tomorrow.

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