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What Makes Me An AlternaMommy

2003-03-30 10:05 p.m.

I have one friend who completely subscribes to Baby Wise (drives me NUTS) and one who Ferberizes and one who is STRICT AP. For me I've never liked labeling but I do consider myself an "alternative parent" for the most part.

Brian and I don't fit every idea that comes along with alternative parenting or AP ideals, but I find that I blend my beliefs together through education and prayer and a honest idea of what I believe is right for my daughter. To me that's what parenting is ALL about.

Well anyways, I started thinking about this a while back while posting at a board about alternative parenting type topics. And this is what I believe makes me an alternamommy if the original AlternaMommy will let me steal her well earned title for a moment! :)

* I pumped until just recently for my daughter who is now 6 months (and yes pumping is hard when you daughter isn't able to nurse). I've just recently ran out of frozen EBM. If I have another child we probably won't be dealing with a heart problem so I will nurse and hopefully extended nurse. Brian's not completely comfortable with that idea yet but he's openminded. I am still working with him on the circumcision issue though! :) Thank God he's open minded though and willing to research and pray and think things out.

* We co-sleep. I didn't think we would enjoy it but both DH and I wouldn't have it any other way.

* We cloth diaper - We do use some disposables while at the sitter but we are trying to break that habit since tomorrow is her last day there on a regular basis. Also - we will probably use disposables on vacations when we can't do laundry.

* Selective/Delayed Vaccinations.

* Homemade babyfood for the most part.

* I garden and plan to use a lot of those veggies for the babyfood.

* I work part-time and now DH will be home in the morning so Salem doesn't have to go to a sitter. Our ultimate goal is for me to stay at home.

* I plan to homeschool at least through elementary school. We will make a decision about middle school later.

* Babywearing - I LOVE the sling and have a snuggli that DH loves.

* I don't let her CIO.

* Salem comes first. There will ALWAYS be time for housework and money later.

* I believe in some alternative medicines. I don't have a problem going to the Dr. as I believe God gave my RE (reproductive endocrinologist) the ability to help me conceive and with my daughter's heart problem (hypertropic cardiomyopathy) we need to see a cardiologist. But I do believe in alternative rememedies and will almost always try these first for most cases.

Basically Brian and I don't let mainstream society or what's popular at the moment make our decisions. We research and pray and read our bibles and do what we feel God is leading us to do.

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