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Valentine's Day

2002-02-14 12:16 p.m.

First of all check out God's Valentine here!

I went out with friends last night - including a friend who is due in April, a friend whose baby is 14 months and her mom. We went to JC Penney cause they were having a HUGE baby sale and I bought two adorable outfits for less than $10. They were basically unisex of course. I can't wait to know what we're having. But it felt so wonderful to be with my pregnant and mommy friends and not feel left out anymore!

***Sigh*** This is TOTAL bliss. I go back tomorrow for a repeat Beta (HCG Levels) and will have a U/S in 3 weeks to know if we have one or two! :) I still can hardly believe it.

Brian has class tonight so we are going to incorporate VDay with my BDay later this month. That will be fun. He sent me a beautiful English Ivy that is wound through a heart shaped Grapevine wreath and in a pot that has butterflies all over it. It's so pretty. I got him cologne (he was totally out and complaining) - Obession for me. I LOVE it. I think Sunday night I may cook him a wonderful meal and be REALLY nice to him! Intercourse is still off limits (GRRRR) but I can make him happy and that's my plan. And Sunday is the soonest cause tonight he has class, Friday night we have a youth function, and Saturday night he is managing a valet job.

So now I know it's early but I want to make a list of what I want to accomplish month by month of our pregnancy. I am very organized and we have so much to do on the baby's room a lone. It's been a storage place basically. We need to retexture the walls and remove ALL the yucky molding before we can paint and then put up new molding and decide if want to carpet or refinish the floors. I think I am angling for carpet. With as busy as we are this will be a good 2-3 month project just retexturing the walls and putting up new molding.

I have SO many plans! :) What a perfect Valentine's Day present! :)

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