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To U/S Or Not

2002-02-21 2:28 p.m.

Well I may not get an U/S tomorrow. I called the RE's office. She had told me to call tomorrow and see if I would have an U/S this Sat or next. Then my local Dr. wanted to do one tomorrow. Well the out of town nurse talked to Dr. S and he suggested we wait til next week when we can see more because we probably can't see a heartbeat til next week.

I really didn't expect to see a heartbeat but am dying to know if we have one or two! Sigh! So now I am contemplating going ahead tomorrow or not! LOL. I will just go to both if I do. I don't know.

I received a LOVELY surprise today from an online friend. A sweet little sleeper and bath stuff!!! :) Thank you my friend.

As for anything else? Nothing. Work has been a !@#! this week and I am SO tired. That's my main complaint. Also I get hungry and then eat and then it upsets my tummy some.

Can't wait to watch Friend's tonight.

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