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PW Rant About Motherhood

2002-02-18 10:00 a.m.

I seriously thought twice about talking about this here but it is my diary and I will say what the heck I want to say. In the Phenomenal Women guestbook someone wrote these comments:

"What's all this? I came to this diary thinking it would celebrate feminism and the fact that women are people. When I checked the 'About Us' section, I was bitterly dissapointed. These people's dreams hold nothing but having babies and children... Women are not baby-making machines. There are far more important things a woman can do. It's a shame that point of view is not shared here."

And this was her response to someone else's reply:

"28. I seriously doubt you would consider that young. 'Motherhood' is not phenomenal or important. It's a cliche. I plan to have one child, perhaps, but not for many years yet. There is nothing wrong with having children, as I would be hypocrite to think so. I just think its sad that someone could think that all a woman should strive to in life is to have a baby. There are much higher goals that women can reach."

I think a women's goals are her's and her's alone. Why must feminists believe that we must be like them to be whole and complete? And it's not just feminists. It's most belief systems. Sometimes there is NO room for diversity.

As I stated in my reply to her, I have other goals. I have made it in a field that is predominately male, I have overcome childhood abuse and mental illness after all but destroying my life. I am now a wife, a lover, a thinker, a activist and SO much more.

But my greatest goal in my life was to overcome infertility and become a mom. Someone who has NEVER experienced infertility will NEVER understand. But who are they to judge? That's my goal. No one else's. Mine.

I truly believe that this world can be an insane and horrid place. But at the same time beautiful and full of life and hope. It's my dream to have children and teach them to be godly and loving and caring and compassionate. If not we will have a race of crack addicts and the like who grow up without a conscious and that's the best we will have.

Mothers are the CREAM of the CROP. That's my opinion. If you don't agree with me fine. This woman is MORE than welcome to her opinion. But don't patronize me cause you disagree.

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