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It's Official - But I Already Knew

2002-02-13 2:25 p.m.

It's OFFICIAL. But I already knew. WOW! :) I am pregnant! Really! It's almost unfathomable that it's really happened. Thank you Jesus. I just got my Beta results and my level was 196 which is GREAT. Whoo Hoo! We will repeat on Friday and then schedule my U/S!

I went to a ladies meeting at church last night and my mom had told everyone and they stood up and clapped when I came in! **blush** But it was nice to have the attention! I've been so jealous of it with ALL my friends and every pregnancy they've had!!!

And congrats to Mia. We are pregnancy buds! How fun! :)

Thank you ALL for your nice thoughts. I will make it to all of your diaries soon and hopefully pick up some GREAT reads.

For now I am going to bask in the excitement of finally knowing I am pregnant after 3 1/2 years of infertility treatments.

And my Article at is on the main page! How cool is that?

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