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21 Questions

2002-01-10 11:12 a.m.

*** 1-15 I just figured out I wasn't supposed to just use these questions and post them on my diary but be recommended and all that jazz. Sorry I screwed up but I will probably leave them here. *** 21 Questions from AlmostLegal. Thanks for pointing the way Jess!

1. What's the worst date you've ever had?

Well I met my first husband through personal ads. We talked on the phone for weeks before I got up the courage to meet him. Then my car broke down. I called him at home and left a message but still the poor guy was in the restaurant waiting on me. So we plan a second date and I got ill. Then we planned a 3rd date and I lost my car keys. NO lie. I was freaked out knowing this REALLY handsome guy was going to think I was a weirdo. So I called my sister and MADE her take me. LOL. We fell and love and got married and **sigh** but didn't live happily ever after. I wasn't a Christian then but maybe God was trying to tell me what a disaster it was going to be. Ya think?

2. How did you meet your best friend?

On the Internet. I have a lot of walls in person. I didn't become a christian and start therapy until I was 27 so even though I am so much more a whole person to a degree those walls are still there. But I have made some incredible online friendships. These women are my bestfriends. I can tell them anything. Even my darkest secrets. There is 2 of them I am super close to and MANY more on the infertility boards I post at. People are just nuts when they say you can't form real relationships on the Internet. HELLO? That is stupid. Through email you can be yourself and be real and not worry about how to react face to face. I do much better online that IRL.

3. What's your favorite color?

All shades of purple

4. How was your first kiss?

Not a good memory.

5. What's the worst job or chore you've ever had?

Delivering newspapers. UGH! That didn't last long.

6. What's the coolest thing you've bought recently?

My infertility meds???

Not cool? Ok it would really be this really cool purse from Goodwill. About 40-50 years old, black leather in perfect condition with silver buckles. VERY cool. Very vintage and only #3. How much cooler can you get than that?

7. Do you collect anything?

Snowmen and Lambs

And I collected snowmen WAY before it was trendy to do so! :)

8. What do you like to do with your free time?

What free time?

9. What do you consider your biggest flaw?

My temper and the fact that I stress out too easily. I am very high strung.

10. How do you know when it's love?

How can it not be love when he cuddles me when I cry, remembers to not take it personally when the infertility meds take over my mind and I become Hormonal Henrietta, is willing to give a semen sample many times over, brings me lunch on the spur of the moment, calls me everyday and leaves me lovenotes even after so many years and was even willing to learn how to give me infertility injections? I could go on and on. How many men are up to all that?

11. Who is your role model?

Jesus as my Savior and my pastor's wife as a model of how to be a loving and faithful wife and mom in the midst of the toils and trials of ministry. She dealt with infertility too and overcame and had 3 children - 1 adopted/2 birth children.

12. What is your pet peeve?

Me answering the phone: "Help Desk this is Leah may I help you?"

Them: "Is this the Help Desk?"


13. What's your motto?

Know God Know Peace, No God No Peace

14. If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be?

Ummmm Hard one. Dunno.

15. Who would you want to play you in the movie version of your life?

Julia Roberts. I can pretend to be that gorgeous and tall right?

16. Fill in the blanks. ______ is sexy.

Brian, Harrison Ford, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman (WHOA BABY) and William Petersen

17. Recommend a website for me to visit.

Tulip's World of course!

18. Recommend a diary to visit?

Phenomenal Women

9. What can you not live without?

Jesus - Literally. And the Internet. And Brian!

20. Who would you most like to meet alive or dead?

My real dad. Heck it would be nice to know if he was alive or dead.

21. What is one secret that you would like to get off your chest?

Nothing that I would put here. Not yet anyway. Those secrets are for my private diary. Yeah I have 2.

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