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November 13, 2004

2004-11-13 11:42 p.m.

Thanks Janie on the diary layout! I appreciate it.

Man I am tired. I went to NM with Salem and a friend and her daughter Friday to get Korie. Left at 11 am and got home at almost 12. The girls did really well!

Told Korie today that we were pregnant. We were really nervous and she responded really well!!! :) She wants a baby sister of course. We had family pics taken in our pajamas, ate lunch in a restaurant in our pajamas (nice jammies but we did get some looks! LOL) then Brian and Salem came home for a nap and I took Korie shopping for a dress for formal night on the cruise.

I really cheated bad tonight for the first time in months and ate some bread pudding! :( It's really not a matter of picking myself up and not doing it again. I've REALLY got to keep my blood sugar under control for this pregnancy! It tasted good while I ate it but the regret is TERRIBLE.

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