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Salem, Me & Pregnancy Update 11/11

2004-11-11 12:54 a.m.

WOW lots of stuff going on! First Janie is making me a new template! Finally!!! I just couldn't do it! So it should be up soon!

On the Salem front - she is amazing! Learning more everyday! She now says backpack and that thing must go with us everywhere! LOL. She is running around like crazy! Weighs 21 1/2 pounds. We don't have to go to the cardiologist til January! Whoo Hoo! That is almost 6 months rather than 3! I am very excited. And I've decided to put off her geneticist appt. They won't be able to tell me anything I don't know. It's all clinical. Nothing diagnostic or checking her heart.

She still LOVES her books. We read about 20 a day most days! LOL. And she is learning many animal sounds. She can do duck (but she insists it is duck duck), cow, pig, bear, tiger, cat, dog! It's SO cute. I love her so much!

On the pregnancy front all is well. On the 14th of Oct I had an U/S and saw the heartbeat. I had an OB appt this past Monday. We tried to hear the heartbeat and couldn't. I think it's too early at 9w5d right? We tried today at the Dr.'s office and couldn't hear it. Dr. T said not to worry but of course I do worry! How on earth do we not worry?

BTW I am down to 184 1/2 (My short term goal was 185!!! And my bloodwork looked good. I still have to get my A1C (a blood test for my diabetes) and see the opthamologist on the 29th. I go back to the Dr. on the 22nd.

So it's exciting! So now I am gearing up to have our family pics taken this weekend and tell Korie I am pregnant, then Thanksgiving then vacation the first week of December! I go on vacation 2 days after my 1st trimester! I am SO excited!!!

After my diary layout is updated I will make the pregnancy updates for the most part in the pregnancy journal. There will be a note here that it's updated. Heck keeping my journal updated will probably motivate me to journal more! I've been really lazy since Salem was born! Well compared to how often I wrote before. We shall see how well I do.

For those of you who have the password - Salem has a TON of new pics in her . If you don't have the password and I know you post your email in my diary and I will send it to you!

By the way Aja-belly - I lost the username and password again! Sorry!

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