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Bra Shopping & Thong Underwear!

2003-04-08 11:37 a.m.

Ugh!I took a few hours last night and went to eat and shopping. I missed Salem the ENTIRE time. I must have called Brian 7 times from my cell. By the 4th call I could I was aggravating him. But I didn't care! I missed my baby! :)

We went to the Dollar Tree who had scrapbooking stickers then we went to Fazoli's and I had a yummy chicken caesar club!

And then I let my friend talk me into going shopping for bras! I HATE bra shopping but I was wearing my maternity bra and it's humongous now. So I went. I must have tried on a 1000 bras before I found the right size and then I bought 4. Cause I am NOT going back anytime soon!

And thong underwear - on a fat girl? Uh no thanks! The thong itself wasn't bad but the front was WAY too skimpy. Too much tummy to wear bikini thongs. I can't believe I let her talk me into trying one on. And why would they even make a plus size bikini thong?

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